Traveling with your hearing aids this holiday season

Traveling with your hearing aids this holiday season

By Danielle Morgan

Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids


With the holidays fast approaching, the Hearing and Balance Center at SWENT would like to share some advice for those of you who will be traveling this season!


Is there anything important I should pack for my trip?

Before heading out make sure your batteries are new and keep extra batteries available to you in your carry-on. If you are travelling to a humid climate consider investing in a travel-sized dry box. These provide you with a convenient storage option and the desiccants inside the case will draw moisture out of your hearing aids, keeping them in good working order while you are away. If you choose to not wear your hearing aids during a flight, put them in a case and keep them with you. Avoid putting your hearing aids and batteries in your checked luggage in case they are lost!


Do I need to take my hearing aids out when I go through airport security?

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), hearing aids and cochlear implants can be worn going through security. If on the rare chance it does set off an alarm, you may need to go through an additional screening.


I have a hard time hearing announcements at the airport and in the airplane. What can I do to make sure I don’t miss any important updates?

If you have hearing loss, don’t be afraid to speak up! Inform your flight attendants and gate attendants that you have a hearing loss and ask if the message can be relayed to you personally instead of just through the PA system. This will save you stress and ensure that you do not miss important announcements or changes in your itinerary. Also, be sure to check the flight boards regularly for updates.


What if I run out of batteries?

If you run out of batteries at your final destination most drugstores carry hearing aid batteries for purchase. All battery manufacturers stick to the same color-coding system, so as long as you know the size/color you should have no problem. Some batteries have a letter following the size number. This letter does not matter. But be sure to check the expiration date (usually stamped on the back of the package) before you purchase!


What if my hearing aid breaks while I am away?

If you have trouble with your hearing aid, call the Hearing and Balance Center right away. One of our staff members or audiologists may be able to help you over the phone! In the case that our troubleshooting does not fix the problem and you cannot wait until you return home, we can help locate a clinic nearby that may be able to assist you.


Have more questions about traveling with your hearing aids? Contact the Hearing and Balance Center at 505-946-3947!