Sleep Apnea Signs to Look for in Children

Sleep Apnea Santa Fe NMIt can be difficult to recognize sleep issues in children, even though it is a very common condition. Beyond just snoring loudly, children may end up sleeping in some very awkward positions and go through bedwetting or terrors at night. The signs of sleep trouble in children may not be the same as the signs in adults.

The major signs of sleep apnea in adults include:

  • Loud and consistent snoring while sleeping
  • Gasping and choking while you are sleeping
  • Delayed breathing patterns throughout sleep
  • Feeling sleepy during the daytime, regardless of how much sleep you had during the night

The child in addition to these symptoms may also experience changes in their normal daytime mannerisms, including:

  • Inability to pay attention in a classroom setting or in conversation
  • Problems with growth and development
  • School performance begins to decrease
  • Hostility or irritability
  • Breathing out of their mouth

If you think that your child is dealing with sleep apnea, you need to talk with a doctor who is knowledgeable about sleep disorders. After sleep apnea has been properly diagnosed, it can be as simple as removing the child’s tonsils or adenoids to help rectify the problem.

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