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How To Travel With Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Help For Airplanes.

Many people vacationed this holiday season, leading to questions about traveling with hearing aids. Is it safe to take hearing aids through airport security and the full body scans? Can I wear them on the plane? Yes and yes. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), it is not necessary to remove your hearing aids to pass through airport security. In fact, it's recommend you do wear the hearing aids in case you need to communicate with the security officials. For more tips on this topic, visit TSA's website

                                  FM Systems did you know

hearing aid helpThe one hearing assistive device that cannot be used once onboard the plane is an FM system. An FM system is a type of radio system, with a transmitter (the unit you wear around your neck) and receiver (the boots attached to the aids). Therefore, the FM falls under the same restrictions as a cell phone. When the captain comes on the intercom to tell you to turn off all electronic devices before takeoff, you'll need to turn off the FM system too.

  Hearing Aid Help For During the Flight

Most digital hearing aids are capable of noise reduction processing, which helps keep the wearer comfortable in restaurants, cars, and even airplanes. Keep in mind that hearing aids can never completely eliminate background noise, so you still can expect to hear some drone of the plane engines (remember, airplane noise sounds loud to people with normal hearing too). Most people, however, are comfortable wearing their hearing aids through a flight. If you are sensitive to noise or if you plan to take the aids off to nap, be sure to pack a small case in your carry-on bag to safely store the aids. Unfortunately, hearing aids that are lost during travel are seldom found and returned.

As we know, hearing aids are little computers for ears. Just like other electronics, it's important to keep them as dry as possible. Atmospheric moisture and perspiration can seep into hearing aids over time, which makes the sound quality dull or weak. In the Southwest, we're lucky to have relatively mild weather year round. If you're planning on visiting a humid area for several weeks or longer, you might consider investing in a Dry & Store, or Dry Aid box – both desiccant drying systems – to keep the aids working well. Or, bring them to us after you return for servicing and maintenance, and tell us about your trip!

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