Hearing Loss on the Rise – Teens and Young Adults

Hearing Loss On the Rise 

 Teens And Young Adults

Did you know that hearing loss in the teenage population is on the rise? Studies have found that 15% of teens have some degree of hearing loss, an increase of 19% between 2005-2006.

Noise exposure is one of the primary culprits in 2/3 of cases when hearing loss in the low frequencies was present.

The majority of hearing loss cases were only mild, but even mild hearing loss can have a great effect on an individual’s academic performance.

The youngest individuals’ speech and language development can be adversely affected as well.

Hearing Loss And Personal Listening Devices

We all know that personal listening devices (e.g. iPods, Mp3 players) are very popular among our teen and young adult populations.

If you can hear the music when you are standing next to someone who is listening to a personal listening device, the music is too loud.

Whether listening to heavy metal or classical music, if the music is too loud, permanent hearing loss can occur. There are usually no warning signs that hearing loss has occurred until the damage is done.

What can you do to keep your hearing protected? First, turn the volume down. Secondly, you may benefit from the use of sound isolating earphones or ear buds which limit the sound to a safe 85db and are recommended by audiologists.

The sound limit can not be overridden, yet you still get good quality sound at a safe volume.

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