Signs of Hearing Loss

If you are concerned that you may have a hearing loss, consider these signs. Not all of these indicators are present in every person. You may note one or many of these symptoms of hearing impairment.

  • You feel fatigued or strained after conversations
  • You frequently ask for others to repeat themselves
  • You feel as though you can hear, you just do not understand all that is said
  • You need to see the person’s face to carry on conversation
  • Others seem to mumble or speak too quickly
  • Soft sounds or sounds of specific pitches (e.g., high pitches) are especially difficult to hear
  • Others complain that you “just aren’t listening”

If these symptoms describe you, you should contact a hearing healthcare professional! You may have some degree of hearing impairment. While many types of hearing difficulties are not reversible, there is treatment! You may be a candidate for hearing aids.

To determine your hearing aid candidacy and the extent of your hearing impairment, a variety of assessments will be completed. You will be seated in a very quiet or sound treated room or booth. Ear phones will be placed in or over your ear, and you will be asked to indicate when sounds or speech is heard. You may be asked to repeat words or phrases. You may be asked to raise your hand or press a button to indicate when very soft sounds are heard. Your results on these evaluations will help your provider determine what course of action is needed to help you hear better! Understand your hearing loss today!