Hearing Loss In The Summer 2011

hearing lossThis summer is a wonderful time to give the gift of hearing to someone you know who has hearing loss simply by sharing your own experience.

There are millions of people who could hear better, but don’t. Hearing loss is one of the most common untreated problems in this country.

Summer is also a great time for us to remind you to regularly desiccate or remove moisture from your hearing aids to ensure better hearing and promote longer hearing aid life.

While you are in warranty, you can stop by the office; we’ll be glad to service your hearing aid by using our desiccator.

When you visit our office, you may see a new face at our front desk. We’d like you to welcome Arlene Alderete to SWENT.

Introducing Video CallsWe are happy to provide you with a new service – Skype video calls. Those patients who live quite a distance away and who would like to talk face-to-face with Jennifer are encouraged to call her via her new Skype address – SWENT.Jennifer.

If you have a webcam and a Skype address, you can ‘show’ Jennifer the problem you are having. She will counsel you to address issues over the internet.