Hearing Loss and Medicare

Your Hearing Loss and Medicare

 As we age, hearing loss frequently becomes a quality of life issue. Our family has difficulty communicating with us. Our ability to do our work the best we can is negatively affected. Finally we decide it is time to see a specialist for a hearing evaluation.

At the time of the appointment, you present your insurance and are told that Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids or any routine hearing services.

For many people, the fact that Medicare does not cover hearing aids or hearing loss services is a surprise. Like our vision, hearing is one of our five senses and is important to our lives and lifestyles. As we age, many of us have other physical ailments or illnesses; we want to be able to hear and understand the impact the illness will have on our lives and what we need to do to stay healthy. If we have hearing loss, we may misunderstand or even pretend to understand when we don’t. We expect Medicare will help us with the costs of our hearing problems, but they do not.

Understanding Hearing Loss and Medicare

It’s important for you to understand your Medicare coverage. There is an easy to read and understand booklet on Medicare’s website that we recommend you read: Your Medicare Rights and Protections. According to the booklet, the following items are not covered by Medicare: dental care, hearing aids, routine eye and foot exams, and routine physical exams (other than your Welcome to Medicare exam).

Our practice is dedicated to providing you with the best services possible. We will help you with your hear loss so you can have a better and more fulfilling life. Because Medicare does not cover hearing aids, we do offer payment plans and CareCredit as financing options. Let us help you to hear better.

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