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    A patient getting drop therapy instead of a shot

Allergy Treatment

The Allergy Center provides consultations for patients suffering from allergies and sinusitis.  Our evaluation often involves allergy skin testing or blood tests. 

Allergy Shots:

Patients with severe allergies may require immunotherapy allergy shots. These are the cornerstone of SWENT’s Allergy and Sinus program. Most patients will experience a lasting reduction in allergy symptoms, as well as a decreased dependence on allergy medication.

Allergy Drops:

Sublingual drop therapy (under the tongue) is a great alternative to shots, especially for children. In addition to there being no needles, the drops require fewer clinic visits.

Home Immunotherapy:

Home immunotherapy is a less expensive, time-saving option for some patients. Our safe, well-established program allows select patients to administer their shots from home saving both time and money.

Did you know there are foods that can exacerbate your allergies? They are called Concomitant Foods and click this link to find out more.