All about the CPAP

The Southwestern Sleep Center provides our patients with the highest
quality positive airway pressure machines available. We work closely with
the manufactuers’ representatives to make sure we utilize the machine’s
capabilities to the fullest and stay up to date on all the newest innovations in
PAP therapy.
We are able to set-up our BC/BS and Presbyterian patients in-house on CPAP,
BIPAP and AutoPAP machines.  If we are unable to provide one of our patients
with a PAP device, we send a referral and prescription to a durable medical
equipment company.  We then coordinate the communications until we are sure
that our patient has obtained a PAP device in a timely manner and is fully instructed
in its’ use.
The PAP devices we prescribe monitor hours of use, leak and the number of
respiratory events per hour that the patient is experiencing while using the device.
The machines are designed for travel and are easy to work with.  We focus on a good
start to PAP use, regular follow-up care in the clinic and an effective resupply schedule.