New Low-Dose CT Scanner at SWENT

New Low-Dose CT Scanner at SWENT



New Low-Dose CT Scanner at SWENT – Safe, Timely, Efficient, Effective, Patient-centered, and Equitable

Southwestern Ear Nose and Throat is proud to offer patients low-dose sinus CT imaging – the only one of its kind in a medical office in the greater Santa Fe area. The Institute of Medicine has defined quality care as being safe, timely, efficient, effective, patient-centered, and equitable. Low-dose in-office CT imaging meets all of these dimensions which provides for a better, more valuable patient experience.

Safe – The Xoran Minicat CT radiation dose is much lower than scans taken on standard full-body CT scanners.

Timely – The scan takes only 20 seconds to complete and can usually be done the same day as the patient’s appointment with the physician.

Efficient – The scan is in-office which results in fewer trips to a medical center or physician’s office.

Effective – High quality images provide prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Patient-centered – Images can be reviewed with the patient at the time of the office visit, which improves education, reduces anxiety, and improves compliance with prescribed treatment. Prompt diagnosis and treatment also results in significantly less time away from work.

Equitable – The Xoran Minicat CT scanner is less expensive than standard CT imaging which improves access to quality care.

While not every patient needs a CT scan of their sinuses, SWENT feels it is important that those who do receive quality care. The new CT scanner significantly enhances patients’ experiences and allows us to better serve our community.

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