Leading Causes of Swimmer’s Ear

Commonly, swimmer’s ear is caused due to moisture being trapped inside of the individual’s ear canal. It might be from the result of a bath, shower or just being in a moist environment, but in the end any of those situations will end up causing the pain and irritation associated with the condition. Whenever there is water that is trapped inside of the canal, bacteria begin to enter into the skin and ear canal. They quickly begin to multiply, which results in the canal becoming infected. It needs to be treated promptly to help eliminate the pain and overcome the effects that the condition will cause on an individual’s hearing, as well as preventing the infection from spreading any further.

Some of the other common factors attributed to swimmer’s ear are:

• Coming in contact with large amounts of bacteria that may be found in a hot tub or a polluted area of water.
• Excessively cleaning the ear out with a cotton swab or any other object.
• Coming in contact with various chemicals, such as a hair dye or hairspray. You need to avoid placing any cotton balls inside of your ears when you are using these products.
• Damage to the skin within your ear canal after you used water irrigation in an attempt to remove earwax.
• Perforation of the skin inside of the ear canal.
• Other types of skin conditions that commonly affect the ear canal, such as seborrhea and eczema.