What is Bluetooth and How Does it Help Me Hear?

by Rachel Ershoff, Au.D

Most hearing aids today have Bluetooth technology inside. This means that they can connect to other Bluetooth capable devices without a cable or wire. A Bluetooth product, like a cell phone or computer, contains a tiny computer chip with a Bluetooth radio and software that makes it easy to connect.

Why is Bluetooth useful if you already have hearing aids to amplify sounds?

Hearing aids have become smaller and more powerful with technological advancements. However, there are limits to the tiny microphones on hearing aids, especially if they are trying to pick up distant sounds or speech that has a lot of background noise. That’s where Bluetooth comes in. With Bluetooth connectivity, the hearing aid user gets direct audio input to the hearing aid from the source. This means the signal does not have to travel across the room to get to the patient’s ear from the source. The source could be the television or cell phone, or even a remote microphone on their spouse’s collar.

How does it work on my hearing aids?

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