Pollen Count

Pollen Counts are taken at Southwestern Ear Nose and Throat, 1620 Hospital Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505, and posted from February to October.  Measurement is typically Tuesday through Friday.  Counts today – 4/16/14

POLLEN COUNT FOR April 16, 2014
Pollen Type Grains per cubic meter Rank
Mulberry 1 Low
Pine 1 Low
Chinese Elm 9 Medium
Pollen Type Grains per cubic meter Rank
N/A 0 Very Low
Pollen Type Grains per cubic meter Rank
Timothy/Bahia/Bermuda 3 Low

Chenopods (WEEDS) include: Pigweed, Lambs Quarters, Saltbush, and Russian Thistle


I have been a patient of SWENT for at least 20 years, perhaps the full 25. I have always been pleased with the care and responsiveness of the doctors, technicians, and support staff. I have visited SWENT's offices in both Los Alamos and Santa Fe and have been pleased to observe the expansion of the Santa Fe facilities in the past decade. SWENT offers very comprehensive and professional care. Thank you, SWENT for 25 years of service!
- Marjorie M.

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